Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We're Here!!

Look out Tennessee......The Clark Family's in town!!

Last night, after I got off of work, my parents, the girls and I loaded up and headed south to Clarksville, TN. We arrived at my sister's house around 2 am. The girls traveled so well and slept a lot of the way, so when we unloaded the van, they were wound for sound!! I love spending time with my family - we just wish daddy could be here with us. He stayed home to work. I keep teasing him that he's the one that's on vacation, since he's home ALONE!! Don't worry, he'll miss us like crazy by tonight! (I also left him a pretty long hunny-do list to keep him from getting too bored!!)

Tomorrow, we're headed to a water park, the Nashville Zoo is on the agenda and maybe an inflatable jumping place while we are here.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Holy Moly!!! Where has the time gone!?! March 17, 2009 was my last post.....oops!! No excuses....well, maybe just a few!!

The first excuse - We became a family of 4 (which everyone knows about I'm sure, because she is almost 9 months old now!!) Miss Mia Cristine is just a joy!! She is such a good baby, especially now, since she FINALLY started sleeping through the night!! I weighed her the other day, and she was a whopping 19 pounds! We are still waiting on teeth and each day, she is getting closer and closer to crawling.

Excuse #2 - Avery Josephine!! Avery is almost 3 1/2 years old now, and FULL of energy!! She loves to play outside, silly bands are a new favorite thing right now (thanks Aunt Amanda!!) and Barney!! Starting in September, she will be going to pre-school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 2 hours. She is VERY excited, however, Mommy is having a hard time dealing with the fact that her BABY is old enough to attend pre-school!! (Tom told me to suck it up!! LOL)
So no more excuses!! My goal is to stay up to date from now on.....hopefully a couple posts a week....ok..ok...probably more like 1 a week!! LOL!!