Monday, August 20, 2012

EEEEK...........Avery's in KINDERGARTEN!!!


Well, the day has arrived. Little Miss Avery is in Kindergarten! ALL day, EVERY day, Kindergarten! I know she's ready, I know she will be fine; it's ME who is having separation issues!! I work part-time, so it's so hard knowing that on my Wednesday's and Thursday's when I'm home - she won't be :( 

On Monday's and Friday's, Avery will be getting on the bus at Rosetta's (the babysitter) house. Mr. Hauenstein is the driver for bus #14.

Mia and I shed a few tears after Avery got on the bus. Mine were because Avery is off on a new journey in life, Mia's were because she didn't want to go home with me!! She wanted to stay with Rosetta! LOL

waiting on Avery to come home!!

she's HOME!!

Mrs. Mast is bus #8 driver that will pick her up from our house on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings and bring her home from school every day.

After school, Miss Erika and Liam (green shirt & fellow kindergartener), our next door neighbors, invited us over for a "I survived the First Day of Kindergarten" cupcake party!! Ava (the girl in the middle is a backyard neighbor and is in Avery's kindergarten class as well!!)